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When Health and Safety are the Issues

5/7/2019 (Permalink)


There are risks to lives and property associated with chemical spills that must be addressed as soon as possible after the spill occurs or is recognized.

This unwanted material could range from a muriatic acid spill to the cleanup of deceased persons after years of home care.

Said chemicals can cause permanent injury to skin, eyes, and/or the respiratory systems, or it can harm local fauna if not given the proper professional attention.

SERVPRO of Meriden knows how to cooperate with law enforcement and insurance providers to make sure the job is done with the approval of all parties involved.

We are backed by a countrywide network of over 1700 franchises which can exponentially increase our effectiveness where the “rubber meets the road”—at your property during your emergency.

Some things just need the care of an expert

Biohazardous waste cleanup is definitely on that list of situations during which protecting the safety and wellbeing of every party is important.

And that often that means being in a hurry.

We truly are “Faster to any size Disaster”.

Why would you require a Specialist to remove Bodily Fluids from a porous surface?

2/10/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Remediation in CT - Why would you require a Specialist to remove Bodily Fluids from a porous surface?

Blood and bodily fluids are very difficult to clean. They pose a significant health hazard, and should be treated with the utmost urgency. If you find yourself in a situation where your home is the scene of a crime or accident, a specialist should be called in immediately.

The Risks.

An array of potentially life threatening diseases can be found in bodily fluids and blood. AIDS, HIV, and Hepatitis can be present in bodily fluid, blood and fecal matter. Exposure to these diseases does not mean you will get infected, however minimizing your risk of exposure is critical in keeping your loved ones in a safe, and healthy home.


Tackling potential danger early on.

The cleaning of a crime scene or accident should always be handled by a licensed professional. They are specially equipped to thoroughly treat the affected area, to sanitize it properly, and will ensure regulations on disposal are followed.


  • assess the situation and come up with a thorough course of action. 
  • The area should be properly treated and sanitized. These procedures will make usage of the affected area safe again. 
  • The ultimate goal is to restore the area in question to its original condition.

Plans to Remove Blood for Safety and Health Concerns.

Commercial properties should always have a course of action on hand in the event a situation like this occurs. The risk of potential exposure to visitors, staff members or the general public should not be taken lightly. The owner of the property, and maintenance team should have an immediate protocol to follow. The nature of the incident, and location of the property should certainly be taken into consideration when preparing for this type of occurrence. The need to have a licensed, and trained team for response is a critical in seeing these plans through efficiently.


Keep your team informed.

Of course no one can anticipate when a situation like this will arise, nor would anyone hope to experience it.  However a team that is informed and well prepared, is ready for anything. A contact list for your team to access, with the information of a special cleaning service is a preemptive measure that can make a huge difference in the manner of response.

Confirm you have a Safety and Health Plan today to ensure you are prepared.

SERVPRO of Meriden can help with this type of Bio-Hazard.

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